Stephanie has made my life easier. She has helped my family in so many ways to prepare for our baby boy. I’m not even sure where to start.

She gave me a lesson on baby wearing, where I learned about all the different carriers and which ones would work best for me and my husband. She is always available to answer questions and has so many carriers that you can actually try out!

I also got a lesson in cloth diapering because really all this new stuff can be overwhelming. I practiced putting pre folds and a cover on a stuffed animal and got to look at all the different kinds of cloth diapers because Stephanie has a lot. You can ask her anything and if she doesn’t know, she will look it up or direct you where to look.

Just today, we had our infant CPR class. I feel so much more prepared if there was a breathing emergency. Stephanie is so positive and makes sure you really know and understand what is being taught.

Finally, she helped up install our car seat. Stephanie is unbelievably knowledgeable about car seat safety. She made sure that we all had a chance to practice with a baby and when she didn’t like the way it was installed in the middle of the back seat, she switched it to the passenger where the base fit much better.

Overall, I can come to Stephanie with any question or concern I might have even after we’ve talked about things. I really don’t know anyone who knows more about car seats, baby wearing, CPR, and cloth diapering, and she will help any family looking for support or help in these areas. Trust me, it is definitely worth it to use her services. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a life long friend that will always be therefor you!