Stephanie was a very big help for me when I purchased my new car seat. She made me feel safe and confident with my install and went above and beyond to find out safety regulations for my particular car and seat! It’s nice to know that there is someone local who dedicates her time helping other mothers with a variety of services!


Stephanie has helped me with the install of my convertible car seat. She went above and beyond to look into my car’s regulations about rear tethering. She was also very helpful when I had questions about a damaged infant car seat. She guided me in the right direction and how to handle the situation. Stephanie is very knowledgeable and friendly. I would strongly recommend her.


We were searching for someone to help install our car seats in the Streamwood area, and Stephanie did an amazing job! She came to our house and did such a thorough job walking is through car seat installation and car seat safety measures. This is a great service for new parents like us, and we feel so much more comfortable after meeting with her.


Stephanie has been so wonderful and accommodating with our car seat install. She helped us do a full install of our twin daughter’s convertible care seats in several different positions in the car. Once we realized that I was not able to use my rear tether strap in coordination with my car’s safety standards I decided to get new seats all together with an anti-rebound bar. I felt awful changing my mind after all of her hard work. She was so kind in insisting that she would come back and help with the install of the new seats no problem! She showed us how to do a seat belt install, which I was not familiar with and very nervous about. She then made sure that we could do it on our own. It was so much simpler than I imagined, thanks to her step by step instructions. She is very patient and thorough and I will definitely be recommending her to friends. I can’t wait to take advantage of some of her other services soon as well! Thanks Stephanie!


We hired Stephanie to check our installs and we couldn’t be happier we did. We recently purchased a new car and our installs needed fixing. Now my 3 year old and 9 month old are safer! My sister also had her install checked for her 3 week old son at the time and Stephanie made him safer as well. I never knew just how tight the installs needed to be. Stephanie is very knowledgeable, friendly and concerned about the safety of your children. She drove to us, which was very¬†convenient! As moms we tend to rely on our husbands to make sure the car seats are installed correctly because it’s one less thing we have to think about, but do yourself a favor and have Stephanie check your install. You and your husband will be happy you did!! It’s worth every penny! She is also suggesting seats that will work for us when we transition our son to a convertible seat and options for three across in our car if we have a third. We has not been an easy task with our car. Thank you, Stephanie and Red Barn Basics!


If you’re looking for someone warm, friendly, knowledgeable, passionate, positive, and reliable: you’ve found the right lady! It’s an added bonus that she is really great at educating and empowering families, too. Oh, and she knows TONS about all sorts of topics!

Stephanie has helped keep me to speed on a multitude of topics that I have found BEYOND INVALUABLE on my parenting journey. The short list of ways my family has benefited from Stephanie’s knowledge include: the safest levels of car seat and car travel (including air travel), babywearing safety, & positive parenting techniques.

I can trust Stephanie to give me information and recommendations as if my family was her family. I cannot say I trust many, or even a few, people with that magnitude: I consider this the highest compliment I can give. Red Barn Basics, you are the very best.


Stephanie has made my life easier. She has helped my family in so many ways to prepare for our baby boy. I’m not even sure where to start.

She gave me a lesson on baby wearing, where I learned about all the different carriers and which ones would work best for me and my husband. She is always available to answer questions and has so many carriers that you can actually try out!

I also got a lesson in cloth diapering because really all this new stuff can be overwhelming. I practiced putting pre folds and a cover on a stuffed animal and got to look at all the different kinds of cloth diapers because Stephanie has a lot. You can ask her anything and if she doesn’t know, she will look it up or direct you where to look.

Just today, we had our infant CPR class. I feel so much more prepared if there was a breathing emergency. Stephanie is so positive and makes sure you really know and understand what is being taught.

Finally, she helped up install our car seat. Stephanie is unbelievably knowledgeable about car seat safety. She made sure that we all had a chance to practice with a baby and when she didn’t like the way it was installed in the middle of the back seat, she switched it to the passenger where the base fit much better.

Overall, I can come to Stephanie with any question or concern I might have even after we’ve talked about things. I really don’t know anyone who knows more about car seats, baby wearing, CPR, and cloth diapering, and she will help any family looking for support or help in these areas. Trust me, it is definitely worth it to use her services. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a life long friend that will always be therefor you!


We had a hard time installing a car seat in my husband’s van. Stephanie came out, showed us how to install it, checked all the other cars, and taught us what to look for! She made sure we knew how to uninstall and install by ourselves so our daughter was safe. Highly recommended! Thanks, Stephanie!


My husband and I worked with Stephanie in the fall of 2015. She came to our home to discuss car seat safety for the upcoming arrival of our first baby. Stephanie was very knowledgeable of multiple brands of car seats and vehicles. We were able to practice installing the base and seat as well as practice proper positioning of the harness on a baby doll. She made us feel at ease knowing we were able to correctly install our car seat in our mini-van and sedan. Stephanie was professional, personable, and friendly. We will absolutely use Stephanie in the future and would recommend her to family and friends. Thank you, Stephanie, for your dedication and passion for keeping our little one safe on the road!