I am a mom, wife, and early childhood special education teacher who is dedicated to working with families and caregivers on this journey of parenthood (or caring for others’ children). I have been a CPR instructor for over 10 years; however, I became interested in babywearing and car seat safety when I was pregnant with my son. I am a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) through Safe Kids Worldwide and a Center for Babywearing Studies graduate. I am fluent in sign language and taught Deaf and hard of hearing children for over 11 years. Additionally, I taught my son sign language as a baby and at 1 year old he used over 20 signs independently!

When I was pregnant, I realized there is so much out there that I don’t know (and I am still learning every day)! I want to make things a little easier for other caregivers. I tend to research everything and love to learn new things. I am open to new information and learn something new every day. I am always willing to change my practice based on new information and research. Just because I always did something one way, doesn’t make it the best way! I love the phrase, “Know more, do better”. I know some find it patronizing, but I live by it! There are so many things that I change over time as I learn new information!

In my free time I love to engage with family and friends, take my son on adventures, work in my vegetable garden, read young adult books, and volunteer with Babywearing International and my church. But to be honest, I mostly like to play on my phone and post pictures of my kids. Hey! I’m being honest.

Oh! Why Red Barn Basics? My family lives on a large lot in the middle of a typical residential suburban neighborhood…and we have a large red barn! Family and friends are often surprised when they come to visit for the first time. As one friend said, “It is neighborhood and then BAM! Farm!” We do grow pumpkins, vegetables, and lots of weeds. We do have lots of animals as well: mice, raccoons,chipmunks, and the occasional groundhog and deer (none of them are invited guests)!

It is impossible to research everything yourself! It surely takes a village, and I am excited to part of your family’s village! I am here to support, educate, and empower you on your journey. Please let me know what I can do to support you along the way.



photo credit: Carrie Cunningham Photography

photo credit: Jessica Wilson Photography
photo credit: Lil Snaps Photography

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