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What are affiliate links?

I love sharing the amazing products and services I discover with other caregivers. I love finding out about new things I never knew about and then I want to shout them from the rooftops. Most of the time, I receive no compensation from this. I just love to share what I love so I can potentially make some other caregivers life easier!

Some of the time, however, companies offer an affiliate program. This allows those who share about the product to receive compensation for purchases made through the referral.

Why affiliate links?

Personally, I spend the majority of my “Red Barn Basics Time” helping families without charging. I answer questions in texts, PMs and groups throughout the day every day.  Sometimes they are a simple question I answer regularly. Sometimes they are very specific individual questions that take a bit of research. I love to help caregivers and want to do what I can to make them feel safer, more comfortable, and empowered. Though I charge for my personalized services in your home, the majority of my time is helping families for free. Affiliate links do a bit to help offset that cost.

I never recommend a product simply because I receive compensation. Affiliate links are just an added bonus for me for a product I would recommend anyway! If you appreciate my services, I appreciate you supporting my affiliate links!

Some affiliate links for Red Barn Basics:

Baby Buddy Dental Care


*This doesn’t work in the app. But if you start by clicking here, any purchases in a browser will be credited to me.

Grocery Delivery
*See my post on this here

Shipt get $50 off your yearly membership
Instacart get $10 off your first order


Imperfect Produce

Get $10 off your first order.

2 thoughts on “Affiliate Links

  1. Luisa Velazquez says:

    Stephanie thank you!!!! For the wisdom and time that you share with all our families at Empowered Pregnancy. You do it as a selfless act and the safety impact is priceless. Thank you!!!


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